The Very Illusory Idea of What Is Magical


As a 20-something in today's day and age,I move around rather frequently.It was all fun at first,with Disney's Aladdin soundtrack of"一个全新的世界”set on replay.But when I realised well,there's no magic carpet,just 8 hour back to back flights of try hard,below average food and sitting still in a 17.2"by 31"wide seat pitch space,it was pretty disheartening.

看,我已经意识到我不是#wanderlustor the#forevertraveller,but more of the"Wait… – I have to go all the way there,做这些美妙的事,magical things."对,I do sometimes lack the patience or the efficiency to manage my time,but I believe my frustrations run deeper.

Has the world become a smaller place?When you think about it,the world indeed does feel smaller.If you have the available finances and convenience of transport,happening upon a holiday villa in an alcove of Europe or visiting a friend on a whim in a different continent is more than plausible.And some might fairly argue that air travel will or in some places have become commonplace.

But this begs the question – doesn't that make the world so much bigger as well?例如,既然所有的魔法都在你的范围内,you are open to options that were never previously conceivable,even to your parents.People who are probably the closest to you (especially if you are living with them),who by no fault of their own,just do not have the tools and experience to give you appropriate,sound advice just because they were part of a completely different society.That being said,while being incredibly wonderful and magical,things can definitely get overwhelming very very fast.

因此,with this constant drive to see more,I think,"experiencing new things",which is inherently extremely beneficial,已经成为一种不必要的困扰,我们往往会忘记一些小事情——我们周围的小魔法。It then becomes easy to assume that if you are not part of the traveling game,you are out of the real life game.

但事实是你不是。你什么都没有。Whether you are one to travel or settle down,你身上和周围有如此多的魔法,你可以而且必须参与其中。所以,抓住这一天,男孩(和女孩),don't let the day and world seize you.

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Lazareen Moses

Lazareen is a dreamer and a fan of science.She believes that there is no such thing as being in one state all the time,and as the world changes so do our views on life.She is a student of world knowledge and tries her best to improve all her current skills,and along the way,if possible,去买新的,她无法想象。Her life motto is carpe diem.


  1. 大多数年轻人说20多岁的人梦想成为一名旅行者。It was fun and the most adventurous things to do in their eyes.Not many knows the hardship during the travelling time.说……突然航班延误了好几个小时,在国外吃错东西生病了??

    • Hi Cindyrina,,

      是的,那是真的。Often times people tend to neglect the journey and have high expectations about the destination,without being appropriately informed regarding either one.

  2. 热爱你岗位上的热情。Let's all seize the day!and make it magical 😀

  3. I think it depends on what you're looking for in the world,and what your purpose in life.Im stuck in my 20's too,但我相信知道自己在做什么。只要我知道我想要什么,i'll make my way to make it happen.Great read on your 亚搏体育下载thoughts btw.🙂

    • Hi Aliza,,

      Thanks for the engaging feedback!You are indeed right.坚持自己的目标,了解自己的需求,这是一项伟大的技能。This could very well include traveling.

  4. A whole new world is one of my favourite Disney songs!!I agree with your post.There is magic in every aspect and second of our lives but it is up to us to seize that moment and make our life more meaningful and magical!!


    • 嗨,米里亚姆,,

      Glad to hear from a fellow Disney fan!不能说谎,that song is still stuck on replay haha.And indeed,a meaningful,magical life is all one truly needs.xx

  5. Everytime need to read few times on what you wrote 😀
    是啊,真的。生活是出乎意料的,一旦你错过了机会,你就永远也回不来了。所以对我来说是的,我会做我想做的任何事(因为在你做这件事之前和之后我都会考虑)。so that you left no regrets behind!😛

    • Hi Jacqueline,,

      That's great.这里写的每一件事都是思考的食物——你想得越久越好。亚搏体育下载亚搏国际是的,总是感激那些小时刻,the little things,the little magic.

  6. 你的博客让我觉得和你在一起太棒了!You always be creative when you write a very beautiful post with your style of writing…!!

    • Hi Selina,,

      这是我第一次为这个博客做贡献。Happy you like it though and keep reading!!

  7. 抓住每一天!我同意!I guess while we are still young,there are a lot more opportunities that will come in our way.我想现在就做吧,或者永远不会。😛 Once commitment sets in,在承诺和追寻梦想之间纠结是相当困难的,是吗??

    • 嗨,Renae,,

      Well as they say,age is just a number.虽然确实很难同时处理很多事情(无论是年轻人还是老年人)。制定适当的承诺也很神奇,if that particular commitment is your dream.

  8. Your writing really impressive.It seems to give me a really deep 亚搏体育下载thought after reading.

  9. Awesome insight.真是我今天读到的最能引起思考的东西之一。亚搏体育下载It is very easy to forget the little magic around us,只是因为没有提醒。Everything became so easy and accessible that we take these magic for granted.If we're not doing something bigger,那么生命的目的是什么呢?I'm definitely guilty of this.Thanks for the gentle reminder and have a good good day 😀

    • Hi Angelynn,,

      很高兴你喜欢。Don't worry you're not the only one – we all take things for granted sometimes.但是每天都是新的一天,我希望你过得很愉快!!

  10. Nothing comes easy….所有的梦想,will only comes true with certain level of hard work,i suppose… hmm..

    • Hi Kylie,,

      Yes you're right – hard work is definitely crucial when you're chasing your dreams.只要记住你的工作!!

  11. at my age,most things are already restricted.well it wasn't about my age,这是关于我现在的地位,一个妻子对一个母亲对两个。如果我可以年轻和单身,i would not hesitate to travel a lot.and i mean a lot.i still want to to travel later when things are,go out there and enjoy your journey!!

    • 嗨,Salma,,

      Haha you don't necessarily have to be young and single to travel.But I understand what you mean.We all have different daily priorities to fulfill.我相信你的家人很可爱!祝你追求的每一件事都能做到最好。

  12. For me it's never about where I gotta be,but who i am with..wherever it is,you can still create the magic if you just open your eyes to see it.

    • Hi Leona,,

      Happy you mentioned that.People we're with indeed can fuel the magic within and around us.

  13. Such a great read in the morning hehe!Really admire you with all these wonderful meaning words and writing.Its true that we often blame and forget little magic,little happiness in life and makes our problem looks bigger the way it is.But I always try to remember the whole magical thingy that we are here for every purpose in life.There's no way the world and the day can seize me!!

    • Hi Sharon,,

      I'm extremely pleased to hear that!真的很欣赏这些亲切的评论。It is certainly healthy to have a wholesome perspective on life.Hope you have a great day"seizing it"!xx

  14. "There is so much magic in and around you"… good advice.Sometimes,what u r running around chasing and looking is just right under your nose.

    • Hi Dr Frank,,

      Yes often times we just need a fresh perspective of our environment.Glad you liked it.

  15. Moving around during young age is great.I did my first backpacking right after my university time at UK.

  16. Short post but right to the point.Magical things can happened everyday without us knowing it.Sometimes we just need to slow down everything,then we can start to notice lots of magical things happening around.🙂
    Btw travelling long term makes me feels magical all the time despite the hardship I been through,哈哈

    • Hi Jun Jie,,

      Thank you for that.你说得对——我们有时都需要停下来闻玫瑰的味道。
      Also good to hear that you're a happy traveller.I'm truly impressed by people like you!!

  17. Cara,great article.2 important streams of 亚搏体育下载thought jumped out at me when reading.One is why we travel and the consequences of a skewed view,and the other is a-taken-for-granted notion that the world is getting smaller.
    On the first point,we tend to put all our emotional eggs in the basket of travel.We expect a lot from the experience,mostly unconsciously,and as you point out,we forget about the experience of the present – we delay resolution of needs in the life game and postpone them to be cured in the scheduled holiday.另一个是在世界上有选择的可能性,这使我们的世界不小,而是大得多。
    很容易忘记这些事情。Thanks for the reminder!!

    • Hi Jay,,

      Yes you summed up the gist of the article very well.
      We often unconsciously expect travel to fill our emotional longings leading us to under appreciate our current well state.I think that is a lot to do with media and propaganda.
      同样是这样——尽管我们在这个时代肯定有更多的选择自由,it can be both a privilege and a detriment.
      Thank you for the engaging feedback!It's truly a pleasure.

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