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Unravelling the complexity and revealing the foundational guiding principles of theHouse of Rémy Martin.

自1724以来,the House of Rémy Martin has been delighting drinkers with its majestic way of creating exceptional Fine Champagne Cognac.The success stems from the use of exclusive grapes from the most sought after vineyards of Grand and Petite Champagne – the two best growing areas of the Cognac region – and great care by the Cellar Master.

Up to this time,Rémy Martin has been loyal to the distilling traditions by remaining committed to classical methods.The average ageing process for a Rémy Martin cognac is around 10 to 37 years,as compared to the average standard of six years.This gives Rémy Martin a leading edge in aroma,colour and flavour profile.


It was in 1981 that legendary Cellar Master,André Giraud decided he wanted to pay tribute to the three-century-long union.结果是R_my Martin XO,一种特别古老的干邑白兰地,散发出迷人的香味。The XO embodies the wide spectrum of aromas of late summer fruits,combined with rich floral notes of white flowers such as Jasmine.The perfect expression of Fine Champagne opulence on the palate with mature flavors of juicy plums and candied oranges,woody tobacco plus hints of hazelnuts and cinnamon.Velvety,rich and lingering.

为了表彰获奖的干邑白兰地及其基础,我的马丁,举办了一次创新活动,multi-sensory and interactive tasting experience"显示出富裕”at Sitka Restaurant,Damansara Heights.The evening saw an immersive experience that brings to life the intrinsic story of Rémy Martin and XO in an accessible and interactive way.

丰富的配料,representing the complex taste and aromas of Rémy Martin XO was revealed.客人由科涅克国际品牌大使指导,甘迟安美to savour the goodness of the golden spirit alongside fragrant fruits such as grapes and pear,iris and jasmine flowers,walnuts and hazelnuts,dried apricots and figs,还有肉桂的香料,chocolates,cheeses,干燥藏红花,and stem ginger,突出XO精致精致的味道。

这些经验揭示了品牌的基本指导原则,并详细了解了R_my Martin与其他干邑白兰地的区别。culminating with the Rémy Martin XO,a full aromatic complex blend of up to 400 different eaux-de-vie.


""富裕揭示是一个新的颠覆性的品牌教育工具,专门创造了打破类别培训和参与的代码。Our goal is to inspire a new generation of cognac enthusiasts through education,订婚,以及个人发现,"—甘迟安美科涅克国际品牌大使.

Designed to stimulate the senses,the Opulence Revealed experience allowed guests to discover a deeper understanding and appreciation of the finer points of Rémy Martin XO cognac through an exploration of textures,味道和香味。Once savoured,一杯永远不够。

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