Cooking,Culinary And Cuisine

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Cooking culture takes time to develop,and requires a lot of work and attention.这一切都源于一种并非我们所有人都能得到的文化和经验。厨师们花了很多年来磨练他们的手艺,from understanding how to balance flavours to cooking techniques.Some chefs are classically trained in culinary schools like Cordon Bleu,while others are learned from generational cooking,像大多数泰国厨师一样。Some are more refined which developed through the french styles of nouvelle cuisine,while others study molecular gastronomy.In the east,厨师可能会专门做寿司厨师多年,while others learn the right way to cook yakitori.中国厨师做点心时把饺子馅的重量减到克。虽然面包师知道,一盎司面粉可能会使你的烘焙纹理发生很大变化。每个厨师对待食物的态度都不一样,用不同的方法和哲学。继续阅读渐次