RarinJinda Wellness Spa Resort Chiang Mai

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在清迈的沃特凯特区,一座140年历史的泰国柚木屋隐现在眼前,被重新规划为清迈市中心最豪华的精品酒店之一。拉林金达健康温泉度假村。The picturesque spa hotel takes its name from the Thai language and means"水上宝石”,请位于平江的河岸上,俯视杜伊苏德山。It is with these factors that make it one of the most idyllic places to pamper yourself.继续阅读

旅行,Wonder and Wanderlust


我们一直期待着旅行,when we are clearly asked why we do so,我们往往给出肤浅的答案。肤浅的感觉,我们想摆脱工作压力或看到世界。These are the most common answers when asked why we travel.但是正如阿兰·德波顿在他的书《旅行的艺术》中所说,we don't seem to ask ourselves the deeper reasons we travel.We say we do it for pleasure,但要知道,这需要很多,from money to energy,但我们还是做到了。It really is a way for us to get away and think while we are away,当我们不在舒适区的时候。It is this that gives us a better objective view of our life plans and situation.正因为如此,我们才能成为更好的人。继续阅读