Sponsor An Iftar with Soofeast

Sufiz Allatif Sooferist赞助一场斋月活动思想食粮亚搏体育下载亚搏国际

The holy month of Ramadan has dawned on us,and it is considered a good time for us to realign ourselves,count our blessings and to think of the less fortunate.斋月期间,Sufiz Allatif and his team at Soofeast are doling out the goodwill by running a sponsorship drive known as"Sponsor an Iftar".This is where you can contribute by donating a breaking fast meal,又称布卡普萨或伊法塔,to help feed the needy.Everything else is handled by them,from cooking to delivery,which you can request to attend as well.We speak to Sufiz to find out how this idea came about.Continue Reading