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说到鸡尾酒文化,香港是一个最多元化和创新的经验,你会发现在亚洲。随着这么多新酒吧的涌现,你可以看到为什么每个人都有自己的东西。From gorgeous rooftops bars in Admiralty to the speakeasies along Hollywood Road,世界上有许多隐藏的宝石供应最具创意的鸡尾酒。Whether you're looking for a classic or something a little more adventurous,you're sure to find it on this little island that is constantly raising the bar.Continue Reading

Quinary Hong Kong

Earl Grey Caviar Martini | Quinary Hong Kong | 亚搏国际Food For 亚搏体育下载Thought

位于中央好莱坞路,香港是亚洲最好的鸡尾酒酒吧之一。Quinary.This establishment,inspired by molecular gastronomy restaurant El Bulli,专门制作一种非常有趣的鸡尾酒,多感官混合。这里的鸡尾酒赢得了许多赞誉,包括不断地在世界50家最好的酒吧和亚洲50家最好的酒吧中进驻。你可以理解为什么每次访问香港都必须访问。从他们的泡茶灵感伯爵灰色鱼子酱马提尼到他们的薰衣草蛋白酥饼,each drink comes across more like a gastronomical journey than anything else.Continue Reading

Jimmy's Kitchen Hong Kong


Located on the bustling streets of Wyndham Street in Central sits one of the oldest restaurants in Hong Kong.这个机构的伟大之处在于它有近100年的历史,since its founding in 1928.吉米厨房的独特之处不仅在于它古老的食谱,but that it serves one of the rarer types of Hong Kong cuisine… Hong Kong Colonial Cuisine.这家餐厅提供的菜肴融合了传统粤菜文化和英国传统烹饪的精华。Continue Reading


Hong Kong is a world renown travel destination that needs no formal introduction.位于中国大陆南部,Hong Kong (hoeng gong,香港)是中国的特别行政区,and home to a unique blend of Cantonese and British cultures as a result of being under British colonial rule.Hong Kong is known as one of the Four Asian Tigers,in terms of economy,金融和旅游及其都市美食,文化和生活方式。随着“本地化”的日益增长,今天的游客想做当地人做的事,我们将从独特和稀有的景点(从当代艺术到历史景点)进行探索。Continue Reading


香港酒宴每年都会吸引来自世界各地的游客来到亚洲的小天地,今年他们做的比以往任何时候都大。庆祝成立10周年,the event which is organised with the Hong Kong Tourism Board with China Construction Bank has been dubbed the largest wine and dine event in Asia brings more than 450 fine 亚搏国际娱乐dining and wine specialists from all over to celebrate in one spot,accompanied by guest celebrities to match.

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Yardbird - Entrance

沿着繁华的小巷,就是香港上环区的桥街,你会看到这家古色古香的板岩玻璃锅独立餐厅。At a glance,这地方看起来太美了,不适合当餐馆,感觉更像一个艺术画廊,but don't be tricked.This place is one of the tastiest places you will come across.Continue Reading