烹饪文化需要时间来发展,需要大量的工作和注意力。It all stems from a certain culture and experience that not all of us are afforded.Chefs take years and years to hone their craft,从了解如何平衡口味到烹饪技巧。一些厨师在像哥顿布鲁这样的烹饪学校接受古典训练,当其他人从世代烹饪中学习时,like most Thai chefs.有些更精致,是通过法国新烹饪风格发展而来的,而其他人则研究分子美食学。在东方,chefs may specialise as sushi chefs for years,而其他人学习正确的烹饪方法。Chinese chefs weighs fillings for dumplings down to the gram when making dim sum,while bakers know that an ounce of flour may make your baking change greatly in texture.Each chef approaches food differently,with different methods and philosophies.Continue Reading